We noticed that there are several claims in this faucet that are not linked to FaucetHub. Payouts are automatically sent to FaucetHub every 20 minutes so it’s important that the bitcoin address is linked with a FaucetHub account. In this tutorial, I’m assuming that you already have a bitcoin address. Here is a simple guide on how to link your account.

  • Register with FaucetHub

First you must create a FaucetHub account. Here is the link to FaucetHub.io. It’s really easy and will take just a few minutes. If you don’t have a bitcoin address yet, click here to get one. Once you already have an account, sign in.


  • Go to Wallet Addresses menu

Once already signed in, go to User+>User Dashboard>Wallet Addresses. Paste your bitcoin address in Link a New Address field and select Bitcoin in the Currency dropdown. And then click Link This Address+.

  • After linking your bitcoin address, it should already show in your FH bitcoin addresses.
  • Important Note. Please take note of the reminder below when linking bitcoin address with FaucetHub.